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Quertum, part of the Joisto Group, is a pan-European team of professional services experts and solutions providers.

We have offices in Helsinki and London, as well as our core hub and Centre of Excellence in Warsaw.

Using our profound document management and customer experience knowledge we work in partnership with you to understand your business as it is now and — more importantly — where you want to be. We then build, deploy and support the technology solutions that get you there, faster.

We can help you to deliver personalized, connected and compliant omni-channel experiences for your customers.

Quertum, part of the Joisto Group, has over 15 years experience in integrating into Quadient Inspire with both major CCM providers or direct with Utility, Insurance and Financial partners.


Head Offices in Helsinki, Finland covering the Nordics, London, UK and Technical Centre of Excellence in Poland


Quertum is part of The Joisto Group with extensive client footprint across many sectors in the Nordics and UK


Quertum is part of The Joisto Group, within the Group we have 100's of live integration and support projects successfully delivered or ongoing

Valued Partner

Must be able to immediately pivot, responding to changing market conditions and responses, which is difficult for all but the most sophisticated organizations. Quertum is ideally placed to ensure your business can scale and adapt to the rapidly changing and diverse CX space.

Professional Services

With Quadient Inspire, you have made an important investment in your company’s ability to improve the customer experience. However, that investment is just the beginning. Quertum offers a full spectrum of professional services to help you realize the full potential of your solution.

Deliver personalized, connected, and compliant omni-channel experiences for your customers

Delivering an exceptional customer experience through personalized omni-channel communications is essential to sustaining a competitive advantage, building customer loyalty and driving revenue.


From our senior management team to our pan-European team of Quadient certified developers. Quertum employs dynamic, customer-focused individuals with the talent and enthusiasm to deliver your Quadient Inspire projects on time and to budget. We help you to achieve outstanding business outcomes for your business.

Rapid Response

Utilizing our fully accredited team of Quadient solution experts in Nordic, UK and Poland we can rapidly deploy consultants or offshore your project needs.

Quertum - Delivering on the promise of Quadient® Solutions.

Adding and maintaining capacity effectively enables opportunities of scale, while developing capabilities provides necessary differentiation. Dynamically re-configuring internal and external competences around capacity and capability allows an organization to rapidly address changing business environments. Recognizing gaps in resources that operationalise capabilities is the first step in effectively driving business outcome, Quertum - Your Reliable Certified Partner - Delivering on the promise of Quadient® Solutions.

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Quertum - Certified Quadient parter

The primary question a data-driven organization addresses is not “What do we think?” but “What do we know?” This requires moving away from acting solely on instinct and guesswork and also breaking the habit of pretending to be more data-driven than you actually are. However, data’s power does not erase the need for vision or human insight. Quadient Inspire can capture this essence and Quertum's skilled team and certified developers can deliver it!

Our leadership team


Quadient appoints new reseller for Nordics and UK

The Finland-headquartered reseller says it will use its local knowledge to service a growing demand for “customer experience excellence”.

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Quadient and Quertum partner to help businesses meet 21st Century CX

Quadient, the award-winning leader in Customer Communications Management (CCM), has announced that Quertum will sell and support Quadient Inspire Omni-channel enterprise CX software in the Nordics and UK.

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Quadient and Quertum working on CX opportunity

Quertum has been signed up as a partner for Quadient and the partnership comes at a time when customers are looking to roll out digital transformation strategies that include CX as part of the process

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Quertum - Culture

Culture is instrumental: it either facilitates and supports organisational success or undermines and inhibits it. Culture serves as a road map, as a set of ground rules and guidelines that articulate the organizational DNA. In a sense, culture is an organization’s operating manual. But unlike a typical operating manual, culture is not a written set of instructions or a narrative. Quertum will ensure our team is immersed in your business culture and are part of your team to deliver successful CX driven Inspire projects.



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