History of the Joisto Group


PostNord Strålfors outsources the Polish Professional Services Organization to Joisto Quertum PL

Joisto Group 2018:

Customer's and business in 9 European countries. Over 20 skilled people in 3 countries. Several Quadient Inspire integrations.

Quertum UK, Poland and Nordic founded & partnership with Quadient Inspire published


Milestone; 5 billion documents processed through Joisto Platform


Release of Joisto 2.0 Document Delivery Platform with Digital Archive


Milestone; 4 billion documents processed through Joisto digital archive


Rebranding Data Sys to become Joisto Oy, Joisto 2.0 project started


Milestone; 3 billion documents has went through the digital archive


State-of-the-art digital archive ready and major release 1.7 delivered to the CCM customer's,


First GMC software (Quadient Inspire) integration

Decision to re-write and update whole ddCOLD software


Strategic decision to focus on ddCOLD software product and CCM service houses. Same time stoping representation of several other softwares e.g Xerox Docushare and Alchemy


Stralfors group acquires DataCom Finland and Datasys continues as stand alone company,


Print service house Data Com Finland founds Data Sys Oy and acquires ddCOLD archiving software

Quertum - Culture

Culture is instrumental: it either facilitates and supports organisational success or undermines and inhibits it. Culture serves as a road map, as a set of ground rules and guidelines that articulate the organizational DNA. In a sense, culture is an organization’s operating manual. But unlike a typical operating manual, culture is not a written set of instructions or a narrative. Quertum will ensure our team is immersed in your business culture and are part of your team to deliver successful CX driven Inspire projects.



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